Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky me!

My brother in law, Jeremy, came in on the 11th to live with us for a few months while he gets himself straightened out.

And I think, perhaps, that this will not be as stressful as I originally feared.

We picked him up on Wednesday about an hour and a half after his plane landed. Rush hour traffic near the airport is a bitch. We shot the shit in the car while we drove to Angela's (only the best pizza place EVER), and when we got to Angela's we laid down the rules and regulations without any complaints or issues. He offered to foot some of the bill for dinner but we were treating him. It was a really sweet offer, since he only had $20 on him. After showing him around town, we all went home and he helped Russell put some boxes into the attic. Not a totally eventful night, but it was a good start.

Well, Thursday night after I got off of work, I come home and he's cooking dinner, he's done the dishes, taken care of the trash and recycling, gone to search for jobs around town, gone jogging, taken the dogs out for us, and helped Russell figure out an electrical issue with some of the wiring in our house.

Fast forward to today, and he is raking the leaves in our front yard for us... which needed to be done about a month ago.

So I'm really enjoying his company and I'm REALLY enjoying all the extra help around the house (especially with the dogs!).

I hope that this positive streak continues. :)

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