Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's the first Saturday in about 6 months that the temperature is above 65 degrees here in Charlotte.
So far the day is actually going by pretty fast... and despite the fact that I've run out of toilet paper here in my store, I'm in a good mood.
Nothing very interesting to report, I suppose. My brother in law still has his job, he's still living with us, we're all still having a blast with each other, and I've recently discovered his hidden talent of hitting high notes at decipals that could make an opera singer's head implode. It's really funny, and seriously amazing. It's too bad we don't know anyone in the record business, we could make a fortune off of him.
I'm still drowning in credit card debt and drooling over things that I should never consider buying... like this: (by the way, I tried to save the picture so I could just insert it and make things easier, but Gypsy 05's website won't allow it... douchebags)... and this: and this: . The one for $48 is not going to break my bank or anything, but if I combined all of these, I could pay off a quarter of one credit card. :::::sigh::::: It's just not as fun paying off the debt as it is spending all your cash on frivolous things that won't look good on you in 2 years.

I am finding, however, that while some of Urban Outfitter's clothes are totally hideous, I enjoy a good percentage of their shirts, and they are WAY cheaper than Gypsy 05.
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