Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ode to my aminals (misspelling intentional lol)!

I managed to get some "ok" pictures of all our animals. They are pretty hard to photograph. For one thing, I have a shitty little digital camera from Walgreens that cost us under $100. I feel bad calling it that, because it was a birthday present from Russell, and we were broke so it was the best we could do, but he's agreed that the quality is pretty poor, so I don't feel too bad stating it. It's also difficult to get the little buggers to stay still and look at us for a prolonged period of time. Their attention spans... well, let's just say it isn't easy. :P

I'll start with Ziggy. His full name is Danzig Gizmo (I'm leaving out the last name so I don't get potential internet stalkers). We call him Boo Boo for some reason, which is ok because he seems to like it. He's pretty aggressive, but only towards his squeaky toys, and occassionally towards his sister when she sticks her butt in his face, which she does a lot. It's actually quite comical. I *love* this picture. It captures his wonky eyes and adorable little hedgehog face perfectly.

We also have Ziggy's little sister, Maya. A lot of people ask us if they are really related, and yes, actually they are :). Maya has the same mom (different dad) than Ziggy. She is the most affectionate dog ever. She'll sit on my lap for HOURS. She's also got a one track mind and if you touch her, she rolls over immediately to get her belly rubbed. We're working on getting her a bit more socialized though, as she thinks that the front yard is her kingdom and anyone who enters our area of the cul-de-sac is some sort of threat to mainland security. I got a few good pictures of her... she's a little easier to photograph than Ziggy.

As you can see from the torn green rug in the background, we are also trying to get her to stop chewing on things. We've tried bitter spray and that doesn't seem to be working. I secretly dislike this rug anyways (Russell got it for free from his work), so I don't complain too much about it. I figure, it's better that she's chewing on the rug than the furniture... and it gives me an excuse to throw it out eventually... she's still not quite out of her puppy phase yet, so hopefully when she's done "growing" she'll stop chewing. If not, we'll have to look into getting her a crate, which I really would prefer not to have to do, unless it's absolutely required.
I like this picture of her a lot better, she seems to be more in her element when she's outside :)

Last (but certainly not least) is our cat, Satan... I mean Mystic. I know good parents aren't supposed to pick favorites, but I really feel a deep connection to our cat. It probably stems from me always being more of a cat person than a dog person. Mystic and I are partners in crime and we like to scare the shit out of daddy on a regular basis :P. Mystic's nickname is "Fuffoonutoo," which is a variation on the name "Flufanella," the cat from FraggleRock. He's spoiled rotten, evil, spastic, and I love him to death.

I love the picture of him by the window... I think it'd make an awesome Halloween card :P

Luckily, Ziggy, Maya, and Mystic get along really well... in fact, Maya is obsessed with Mystic, she won't leave him alone. The only issue with them getting along so well, is that I swear they occassionally come up with devious plans to get in trouble. Oh well, no matter how much mischief they get into, I can't help loving them!

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your dogs are soooo adorable!