Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is embarassing

This makes me feel ill... seriously. So, here is enough money to give every American citizen $30,000, and the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has no idea what is being done with the money that is supposed to be used for a bail-out.

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Katy said...

WAY embarrassing! What is going on with all this reckless spending? If those that are supposed to know don't, then what the heck? I'm speechless. Such a tragedy. When the bills were passed to print all this money it was supposedly all accounted for. Where is it all going? Our unemployment rate is sky rocketing and jobs continue to go overseas and disappear here. The only real change is that a whole bunch of money was printed and it stimulated nothing. Sorry about the soap box. I am so dumbfounded about what is happening to our country right now.