Friday, August 7, 2009

Come Sit At Our Table

I never thought that napkins, place mats and napkin holders could be so exciting!

I was actually too embarassed to show a "before" picture... there were probably 15 books stacked one on top of the other, a month's worth of spam snail-mail, and some of Russell's t-shirts all just sitting on top of our table. It was so upsetting to me that it actually made me cry. I just kept cleaning and cleaning and cleaning it, and somehow within a week or two it would become a heaping pile of mess all over again.

After cleaning it off himself, Russell came up with the brilliant idea to permanently set the table, which would physically prevent anyone from just tossing their junk on top of it.

We both had different ideas and visions for what we wanted, but (just like everything else in marriage) we compromised Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

Russell was looking for more of an Oriental and elegant setting, I wanted my usual tribal/Hawaiian/bohemian look. He had already bought me the dishes, bowls and cups as a Christmas gift, so we just needed to match the accessories to them. I think we came to a nice compromise.

I'm sooooo happy that we won't have to clear off that table again... and even happier that I won't be embarassed every time we have guests!


tales from an oc cottage said...

That is such a great idea!!! My table is just one huge "catch-all"...keeping it "set" would discourage(or at least hinder) my laziness!!!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

m ^..^

Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Make it a happy day!

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

Buckin said...

It looks great. My issue with doing this is DUSTING the plates. I despise dusting. *sigh*

Farmgirl Paints said...

LOVE those dishes. Very cute indeed:) Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day.

Addict said...

That looks so great! Great taste :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those dishes!!! Where did you find them?

Lisa Anne said...

Your table looks so good!! I totally love those plates!! I'd love to have a table like this, but my dinning room was converted to a game room. It was the only way I could convinve the BF to buy a house that gives us a 1hr commute to work everyday. lol

I love the plates, I know I said that but i do!!

Visiting from sits!!

Poontater said...

Love your dishes (:

adgirl said...

Love love love your bowls! I want them!