Monday, August 17, 2009

New Martini Glasses!

That's right, this shopaholic in recovery went out and blew a couple bucks on something unnecessary... what of it?! :P

No, but seriously, I found some very cute martini glasses on clearance at Target (which is also where I got those nifty plates 2 posts below).

These were only $10!

I love clearance sales... :::::sigh:::::


One Sassy Girl said...

I have these and I love them too... though I love what's in them more ;)

Stopped by from SITS!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh I bought mine at Target too! It was a set of 4 straight stemmed ones, but I don't remember how much they were. Great find though!

Visiting from SITS :)

Poontater said...

I have the same exact classes and they are AWESOME!

Pretty Robotic said...

ooh how swanky! love these!

Anonymous said...

I loves them!

Lindsay said...

Loves! I got some like that at Ross with colored stems for one of my friends... zigzags make cocktails look so much prettier!

Jennee said...

These are fantastic glasses...well worth the splurge. Thanks for stoping by Cheap Therapy!

SITS girl!