Friday, December 11, 2009

Cue the Scary Music

(No seriously, press the play button, it really gives this post that je ne sais quois)

Because HERE SHE COMES!!!!!


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Aw, that was a little anti-climactic.

I'm sorry.

But seriously, I have some pretty nasty cramps today. Those paired with the bloating and overall disgusting feeling that comes with the dreaded period is just another reason to not get all faklempt with hope this cycle.

My temperatures are still spiked, and I'm currently at 15 days past ovulation. I guess technically I should be super-mega-duper excited but I'm not. Surprisingly, I was extremely excited two days ago, but not so much anymore. Weird how that works. Actually, no, that's not weird. That's me being stupid and forgetting that I tested that day and got a negative... THAT'S why I'm not as excited.

Testing that day was sort of dumb of me anyways because I'm not considered "late" until the 15th of this month... but come on, seriously. Even though the box for the test said it wouldn't be accurate because, at that point, I was still a week prior to being "late." Lots of people test at thirteen days past ovulation. All of my friends told me they would have tested if they were in my shoes!


Shut up, you'd have done it too.


Jamee said...

I totally would have tested too. Don't count yourself out just yet! I am sending major vibes for AF to stay away!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Sending BFP vibes sweetie. Been there done that more times than I can count. I actually found the Dollar Tree HPT's to be the best, I got results with them days before I got it with the more pricer brands. Oh and I was a big POS addict. I would test sometimes 2-3 times a day starting at 6 Thanks for stopping by yesterday it is so nice to meet you, good luck!((BFP Vibes))