Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In!!

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

I'm going to be straight up with you all and I won't make excuses for myself.

I gained weight this week.

I FEEL like I gained weight too... it's not a good feeling. That's ok though, I've already given myself a nice kick in the ass and I plan to stop the b.s. I've been allowing myself to do (soda, cookies, you name it, I've been bad).

I might have just stayed the same, but I actually dislocated my knee and now my right leg is all swollen and I'm not supposed to do any more workouts until it's completely healed.* :::::sigh:::::

I suppose even the most upbeat of us have a bad week sometimes. Eh, who am I kidding? It was a GREAT week. I got a job, I pigged out, I drank lots of alceehawl (yum!) and now it's time to stop the crap.

I will be good this week, I promise. I'm super disappointed with myself... even though I enjoyed every second of being bad. Hey, at least I'm honest.

Here are my stats:
Starting weight from Dec. 30th, 2009: 174.4

Last weigh-in: 155
Today's weigh-in: 156.2
Change: +1.2

Overall change: -18.2

*I just realized that the gain might also be PARTIALLY caused by the swelling in my leg. I'm assuming that having a swollen extremity would probably add a half a pound or so.


Joanna said...

I'm sorry you hurt yourself. Take it easy for a while. You've worked hard and deserve a break anyway.

Congrats on the job! Woohoo!

MrsJenB said...

You know what's funny? You're probably the first person who I've heard/read being completely honest about "being bad" - not about the actions themselves, but about the fact that you weren't exactly wailing and gnashing your teeth while you did it. Really refreshing!

I'm sorry for your injury!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Dont be too hard on yourself. That is not much of a gain and it is probably from the swelling.

Bari said...

1.2 really isn't much, so I'm going to repeat what Renee said and tell you not to be too hard on yourself. I'm sorry you got hurt, that is so frustrating. Heal quickly!

april said...

Hey, if you're injured, you have to take care of the injury first. Just be mindful of everything else.

I hope you feel better soon!

Mom of 3 boys said...

That stinks that you are hurt and that you gained. I am super happy you found a new job as I know that was a issue for you. It was refreshing to read your honest post. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed your badness but no more. =)

MommaKiss said...

a gain is a gain. just move on, don't dwell on it. you can't "uneat" right?

Charlotte said...

I'm also sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Allow some time for your knee to completely heal, the worst would be too overexert yourself and to have to take off additional time--your body will thank you later!

The fact that you're so aware of where you are and where you want to be means you are focused on your goal. Don't let a bad week spoil what you've worked so hard for, you are allowed minor setbacks. It's all a part of the journey :)

Congrats on the new job!!! What will you be doing?

Vicky Bonetto said...

I'm sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. I actually went through something similar. I was weighing 140, and i was having trouble in my knees. I'm only 5ft, so i was overweight for my height. I couldnt run, or walk for a long time, and when i sat down my legs hurt because the weight was cutting the circulation on my legs.
So it took me a while to realize that I needed to do some serious dieting before i hurt myself. So i started right away, I am now weighing 115 and almost down to my desired weight. So whatever diet and workout that you chose, I hope it fits you and that you can work with it. Don't hurt yourself trying to diet, because that's just not healthy. All you need is a lot of motivation, I can help you out if nothing else works. But I really hope you accomplished it, and you will see that you'll feel better before you even know it.

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