Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And Here's The Part Where I Feel REALLY Stupid...

I am not 14 weeks... or 15... or even 16. I'm Holy Shit How Did I Get This Pregnant This Fast weeks. And I didn't find that out from my doctor, thank you very much.

I had an appointment to get some blood work on October 7th, just to follow up the ultrasound and blood work for chromosomal abnormalities in Goji that I had on September 7th. Everything seems to be ok, I have not been recommended for any further testing so that makes me happy :).

I was a little shocked at how slow time seemed to be going when I was taken into the exam room and the nurse said "Ok, so you're just here for some blood work and it looks like you're right at 15 weeks!" I just said ok, laid back on the exam table/chair thingy and took a nap (it took the OB 25 minutes to get into the room... normally that would piss me off, but it was a great excuse to catch some z's and I was TIRED).

Now, let me tell you, I am starting to get big. And when I say "big" I mean I had to cave and I FINALLY bought a pair of maternity jeans. They are not too flattering. I started thinking that it would not be so weird for the people at this office to have gotten it wrong when it comes to how far along I am. They changed it four times in the beginning of my pregnancy and I think perhaps they have not fully updated some of their notes. That's fine and dandy for them, but I want to know whether I'm 15 or 16 or however many weeks along... that's important to ME (duh).

After getting home from my appointment I immediately went to my fridge where we have hung a little ultrasound picture of Goji and I checked the dates/info on it. It said that on September 7th I was 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant. So I did the math... that would make me 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant on the day that I went into my appointment. Six days later (today) would put me at just a tad over 18 weeks. So there you have it. I am almost half way through my pregnancy.

I realize that this might sound... oh, I don't really know what word to use here... so let's start over and you can fill in the blank: I realize that this might sound ______________ (ex: stupid, annoying, ridiculous, obnoxious, insulting), but I was so scared at the beginning of the pregnancy when I had the bleeding that everything was going to fall apart, that when I finally realized I could breathe A LITTLE easier, I decided to let things that I can't control go and to just roll with it. I wanted an easy, stress free (well, as stress free as pregnancy can be) time for the baby... a time where I sort of said "Hey, I feel great! I don't need to worry about anything!" NOT a time where I continually freak out about every little cramp or ache.

I'm pretty sure I've found a balance now.

At any rate, here is a belly pic I took at about 17 weeks.

Russell and I are going to find out the sex on November 1st and I am ridiculously excited about that :).


{ Nina Designs } said...

18 weeks is a lot! I'm glad you're doing ok!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

What an adorable baby belly you have! :)

Krista said...

Holy crap, you are futher along than I am!! I find out the sex on Nov. 9th. SQUEE for us!

and you look fabulous.

Jamee said...

You look so cute!!!

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Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

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