Monday, June 22, 2009

My hormonies are focaccia'd... in a good way! :)

That's right, I said "hormonies," a'la My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I use bread to describe things that are off kilter. What can I say? I'm special.

This weekend (the entire last week would probably be a more accurate time frame) has been an emotional roller coaster for Russell, my immediate family, and I.

Since I have both bad and good news, I will start with the bad news first.

I guess a brief history of all concerned is a good idea.

My step sister, Melissa, got pregnant about 8 years ago when she was 18. Her boyfriend, Shawn, was actually very nice, and they'd been together for a while, so it wasn't a bad thing... unexpected, but certainly not bad. Melissa and Shawn named their son Javon.
When Javon was only a year old, Shawn died of an accidental overdose. It was terrible, tragic, and we all mourned for him.
Fast forward to about 5 years ago, my step sister moves in with Drew, her boyfriend, and she gets pregnant again. None of us (that includes me, Russell, Joe my step dad, my mother, Javon, and pretty much everyone else) like Drew at all. In fact, I think it'd be safe to say that we genuinely HATE him. Drew is abusive, he drinks way too much, he treats Melissa like shit, and he doesn't care about Javon at all.
Melissa stayed with Drew until about a year ago, when he ended up breaking her clavicle bone and sending her to the hospital. He moved out and went back down to South Florida and Melissa stayed up here.
Well, my mom and Joe got a call from Brian (Melissa's step dad) on Wednesday asking if they were going to do anything with Melissa before she left for Florida on Sunday. Needless to say, my mom and Joe were totally shocked. Apparently, Melissa was going to move back down to Florida to be with Drew on Father's Day... and she wasn't even going to tell any of us about it. Of course, we are all livid, but more for Javon than for her. We've already accepted that she is going to make this incredibly stupid move and that she's not going to listen to any of us. Mom and Joe even offered to let her live downstairs in their spare living quarters RENT FREE until she got her stuff together, in case this idiotic move was because she was financially strained. But, she said no. Basically, she feels that Drew has changed (she's been talking to him for the last 6 months, which none of us were aware of) and now she wants to go be with him again. Her exact words, I believe, were: "He's been going to church... he's changed."
I'm not against religion in any way shape or form, but I think that is totally bullshit. A lot of times, people who claim to have changed from raging alcoholics and abusive spouses by the powers of religion are ok for a while. But all it takes is one little thing, one tiny seemingly insignificant problem, and they crack... and then it's even WORSE than before. It's like all the rage they've been supressing under the surface for the last few years comes erupting out of them like Mt. Vesuvius and then they're even more dangerous than they were before. I'm really scared he's going to kill her eventually.
The thing that bothers me the most about this though, is that Javon hates Drew. And Drew is a complete moron. I love Javon very much... Russell and I are very close to him and could only love him more if he were our own child (and even then, it's up for debate). This kid is BRILLIANT. A good example of his intelligence would be when we took him to the Museum of Natural Sciences and we were looking at butterflies that were in a clear case, getting ready to come out of their chrysalis. I said "Javon, check out those butterflies coming out of the cocoons! How cool is that?" And he said "You're thinking of moths... butterflies come out of the chrysalis!" My mouth dropped. He's only 7... the kid is freaking brilliant.
We're scared that Javon isn't going to have anyone around to stimulate his brain. He usually hangs out with my mother and she takes him to the library to get him books and we take him to museums and other places that we think will enhance his learning, but down in Florida he won't have any of us. And Drew is a terrible influence.
On the positive side, my mom and Joe convinced Melissa to allow Javon to stay with them for the next 3 weeks. So, we get to spend some time with him, and we're going to soak up every possible minute. We took him to the museum in Raleigh on Father's Day. We took a few pictures and I've been trying to get them up on my blog, but I've lost the stupid USB cable for the digital camera :(. As soon as I find it, I can post those pictures, plus a bunch of pictures of my animals because they're cute... and seriously, who doesn't enjoy pictures of cute animals?

On to the good news...
I finally got my period after SIX MONTHS of wondering when it was going to show its ugly face again. I've never been so happy to see something gross! I'm hoping that I never have to go through another 6 months hiatus again. I've had 2, 3, and sometimes 4 month spans, but I honestly don't think I've ever skipped 6 months before. So, this is a major plus. If I can get on some sort of schedule (ha! good luck with that one, right?), than it will be a lot easier for me to track things for the behbeh makin'!

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