Monday, August 3, 2009

Here's Your Period... Now Enjoy this Chocolate Martini.

I actually got my period... and it's actually on time (sort of). In reality, I got it yesterday or the night before, but I always experience at least 2 to 3 days of light spotting before all hell breaks loose. Considering the fact that I am used to 3, 4, sometimes even 6 months of no period at all, I am schocked, happy, and amazed. My last period ended at the end of June, so early August is not only waaaaay sooner than I was expecting, it's close to being within the "norm" for a healthy ovulatory cycle.

I've begun to seriously contemplate the idea of charting. I honestly don't want to, and I know that sounds stupid, but I have my reasons. Almost everyone in my family is in the medical field. My mom is a nurse, brother is a paramedic, I have an uncle and aunt who are doctors, my cousin works for a pharmaceutical distribution company, one uncle is a retired blood lab owner... well, you get my point. We are a pretty open family and a few of them know that Russell and I have been trying to have a baby. My mom, cousin and aunt keep telling me that I should stop worrying so much because "it's all a crap shoot." I know that's not true, as I'm sure they all know as well... I think it might have been more of an attempt to get me to relax on their part, but I never ever thought that I'd be looking at conceiving from a scientific point of view, and I really never wanted it to be that way. I always thought that it would *just happen* ... like *POOF* I'm pregnant! Even as recently as 9 months ago, when we first started trying, I was blogging about what crib we would get and how we'd decorate the nursery. It makes me feel really uneducated about my body and how things work, but I'm pretty sure that there are other people out there who were just as hopeful when they first started trying. I'm pretty big on hope, so sometimes I mistake my own positive outlook for stupidity or naivety. I should probably stop that. I think having hope is extremely important.
Uh oh, there I go on another tangent :P... back to charting! Thanks to a friend of mine, I learned that Fertility Friend is actually free. I was under the impression that it cost money to use their charting software, but I was wrong, hooray! It's one of the rare occassions that I'm happy to be wrong.
Like I said before, for some odd reason I have been hesitant and sort of scared to start charting, probably because it's the last bit of my stubborn mind telling me that my body needs no help in getting pregnant, but I think it might help me to have a more in-depth understanding of my body and how it works.
In the meantime, I think I'll take the advice of a very wise Nestie and enjoy some chocolate!! Mmmmmmm!

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