Friday, January 29, 2010

I Wrote a Letter... To Myself

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

The homework project for this week was to write a letter to yourself.

I didn't want to be a negative _____ (fill in the blank: Nadia, Naomi, Nancy, Nick, Nicole, NUNO?) but this project was the one I looked forward to the least so far.

It's not that I didn't want to take the time to do it, it's just that my goals and what I'd like to accomplish seemed SO FAR OFF that I couldn't picture myself actually doing most of them by 2011.

About 10 minutes ago, it occured to me that I'm not going to get very far thinking like that, am I?

Nope, I'm not.

Sooooo, I've sucked it up and laid out all the things I'd love to have accomplished by 2011 in a nice letter to me :). Enjoy!

Dear Amber,
Hello, it's me(you)! I was going to ask you(me?) how things are going but I don't have to... I already know! Cue the Twilight Zone Music, it's freeeeeeaky!
I wanted to tell you(me) a few things that have happened in the last 365 days, but first I have to ask if I(you) will please stop putting yourself(myself) in parenthesis. It's super annoying.
First of all, somehow (it's a secret, I can't tell you!) you managed to pay off all $20,000 of your debt. Holy cow, right?! How awesome is that?! You received a promotion at your job and got a HUGE raise, plus your monthly bonus you used to get is back so now you have absolutely NO problems paying the mortgage. It really has been great, having all this financial freedom. And your husband? Yeah, he also got a promotion. Can we say beach vacation? Don't worry, there are plenty of those ahead for you both!
I have to tell you, that we look HOT in 2011! You lost so much weight. I know it was sort of slow in the beginning, but you just loved watching those pounds drop every week so you kept going with your weight loss. You managed a healthy meal plan every week and you exercised and totally ROCKED the Biggest Loser DVDs. I'm happy to announce that, not only have you reached that 30 pound loss, but you toned up and you just look absolutely fabulous! The best part about all of this weight loss is that you FEEL healthy. You don't worry about your health any more and that's such a huge weight off your shoulders, isn't it?
Let us not forget your goal of getting back into dancing. Remember how, in early 2010, you wanted to start dancing professionally again? Well, you did it! You're teaching AND performing to your heart's content and you make LOADS of extra money off of it. Hey, I know that the money isn't what's important to you (at least, not when it comes to dancing har har), but extra cash is NEVER something to scoff at :P. Did I mention that Unmata and The Indigo came to Charlotte and you got to meet Amy Sigil and Rachel Brice?! Holy crap, that was amazing! Your two dance idols all wrapped into one awesome performance. Sweet.
Now that your debts are paid off and you're making lots of money (and lookin' gooooood) there's plenty of time to relax and enjoy life. You and your devilishly handsome husband spend lots of time together doing all the things you love: going to concerts, visiting the beach and planning for your retirement in Hawaii.
Life is awesome... you should stop worrying about everything immediately and just know that all will be well in 2011.
Now go do some cardio!
Love ya!


Christy M. said...

Amber, I love your letter!! You are going to show 2010 who's boss for sure!!!!

I'm so proud of you for getting through this project. I know it was hard, but it was SO good for all us!!

Brooke said...

sorry i had to lol @ your first () bit. :P

you've got some incredible goals for yourself. and like christie said, you've written it now you have to do it.

Tammy said...

Great job on the 30 pounds! I feel like mine is going slow too but I think that's okay...1-2 pounds a week is good.

P.S. I love the letter, and congrats on getting out of debt! (as my daughter would say...)You rock!

Karena said...

Great letter, Amber! I agree, at the onset it's a little difficult to look a year into the future and envision where we could be. But what a great exercise! And you know? I think envisioning it is the first step to actually making it happen.

And in a complete aside, I knew it!!!! I thought by the blog name that you might be into belly dance (or whatever might be the politically correct term). That's something I've always wanted to do! Literally, since the time I was a kid. Good on you!

kanishk said...

I know it was hard, but it was SO good for all us!!

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Anonymous said...
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Christian Mommy Writer said...

I'm still trying to come up with my yearly goals! :-) Good for you for doing your letter.

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

B Sparkly said...

Amber, once again you did it, love this letter. you know what i tell myself when life gets me down: Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it!!:) It keeps me smiling, and reminde me it's not so bed being "big boned" don't get me worng I'm always on a diet, but I do it with a smile;)
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Anonymous said...

You go and show 2010 what for, woman! You're AMAZING!

Miss Dot said...

It sounds like you've got an excellent year coming up! Geez, I'll bet you can't wait!

Brittney said...

LOL my letter would sound like yours. Pay off that debt, actually FINISH painting a room and be el-thin-o!

Yankee Girl said...

What an awesome letter. I may have to do that for myself, it seems like a great pick-me-up.

Those are great goals and it will feel awesome when you reread this letter next year to find that everything you wanted for this year has happened!

Visiting from SITS!

Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

Just popped in from SITS to say have a good Tuesday