Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sexy Cupcake Saturday!!

Happy Saturday, peoples! :)

Last night, the BFF and I were having our first Skype Shenanigan in weeks. It was SO much fun... if you don't have Skype and your best friend lives on the other side of the country, I would seriously recommend getting it. It's free... what more could you ask for?

While perusing through some of Colorado's beautiful wedding venues, we got to talking about a specific martini bar that she loves and their ginormous martinis. That led to more discussions about drinks, and within a minute or two, she had sent me this week's Sexy Cupcake:

Do I even need to elaborate on why these are sexy? Is there anything SEXIER than a freaking martini? I kind of doubt it.

Thanks to my BestestFriendForEVAR for sending me this awesome interwebinary image.

You can check out her ridiculously honest blog that's splattered with profanity by clicking here: If Only She'd Shut Up!
She's an elitist bitch with a crass sense of humor and her fiance says she's the meanest person in the world... and that's why I have loved her as my bestest friend for the last 14 years. It also doesn't hurt that the first sentence of her last blog post is "So, I’m pretty sure I’ve made this clear already, but I have a vagina." Ah, blogging at its finest.

Alright, enough with the shameless plugging.

:::::lifts a cupcake martini::::: Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!


w said...

happy sits saturday sharefest! or something like that. those words may not be in the correct order.

oh those cupcakes are definitely sexy. and. i'm on my way to check out your bff's blog.

also. i love to skype with my friend now and then during "it's time to make dinner" time.

Drea said...

Holy crap. Those are the sexiest cupcakes I've ever seen. I'm going to get undressed for them. Wooooooo!!!

I love that you plugged me!!! I will totaly plug you in my next blog. A LOT.

Scraps said...

All I want to know is--did the cupcake or icing have some sort of booze in it??? lol!

Love the martini picks on cuppies. Make red velvet mini cupcakes and plenty of icing to frost your own for a wedding shower today and they were divine!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Brittney said...

Okay side note, I love THESE cupcakes: