Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Peep Show For You, Only Minus the Boobies.

I was recently approached by a representative of CSN who offered to supply a product that I could give away or review on my blog. I spent a good hour looking through their products; they have tons of outdoor lighting that looked really cool and their kids bedding is seriously adorable. AHEM, mommy bloggers, some of the colorful Spring things they have in the bedding department make my ovaries twinge with longing.

The moment that I spotted "Yoga Accessories" I knew there was a 9 kajillionteen % chance that I would find what I wanted to review/giveaway in that particular department.

As most of you know, I am a HUGE advocate of yoga. I do it at least once a day (but usually twice) and the breathing techniques have kept me from doing some of the awful things that cross my mind when I get stressed out: you know, things like throwing my Satanic cat through a field goal post.

I told the representative that I would love to review the product BEFORE I host the giveaway because I wouldn't want to talk all sorts of awesome about something that I had never even tried... that would sort of be like violating your trust in me and, as heinously uncouth as I am, I am NOT down with lying to you.

The representative agreed (SCORE ONE for customer service!) and I will be hosting the review as soon as I receive the product. Immediately afterward I will host the giveaway.

The product is :::::drum roooooollllll:::::

a Yoga Direct Charter Oak Deluxe Scented Yoga Mat in Purple Haze.

I was so excited when I saw this and I'm so excited to try it, love it, and then give another one away to you.

I'm very accustomed to only smelling rubber and sweaty grossness when I do yoga, so the opportunity to smell LAVENDER is very alluring.

Stick around... it's going to smell a lot better around here.


Angelia said...

Very nice! I've only recently started with yoga at home and have signed up for a class that starts in April. I'm very excited about it. I'm crossing my fingers for more flexibility and a little calm. I don't have a cat, but I'd like to throw my husband though a field goal post sometimes, will yoga help me with that?

Krista said...

OMG. That is freaking awesome. Can not WAIT for this giveaway.

Aurora said...

Hi, Happy Friday to you. stopping by from SITS. looking forward to that review and giveaway op.