Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First OB Appointment was A-Ok!


Not necessarily a-ok.

There was that one part where I got my blood drawn. I get sort of loopy when that happens. I ended up singing to the nurse while she was trying to concentrate on the six huge vials she had to fill (ew). The tune was equivalent to this:

And the lyrics were something like "My bloooooooood, the pretty nurse is taking my blooooooood. It's ok because I don't need iiiiiiiiiit. So she can take mah blooooooooooooood."

And maybe also the part where my OB said she was going to feel the size of my uterus and I thought "Oh, cool, she's just going to press on my abdomen or something..." and right as the words "or something" enter my mind I feel two fingers inserted into my _________ (insert favorite immature vaginal terminology here) and she pushes down on my tummy and I, in my temporary shock, yell "WHOA!!" at ridiculous decipels and in true Joey Lawrence style.

:::::sigh::::: I do love the 80's.

Other than those minor faux pas on my part, everything else went great. I'll be 10 weeks on Thursday and, as long as I don't hear anything back regarding my lab work (pap smear, blood work, etc.) I'm good to go. My next appointment is on August 27th and then I finally get to SEE little Goji Berry. I'm totally excited for that.

I think, though, that I will touch up on my Sinatra. Just in case they want to draw some more blood.

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NINA said...

But you didn't see anything this time???
Didnt they do an ultrasound??

Glad everything is ok so far!