Saturday, March 6, 2010

TTC & Infertility Bloggers

I'm not going to lie.

I love "shameless plugging"... I do it a lot on my blog. However, I don't look at it as shameless, or anything to be ashamed of for that matter. If I enjoy a product or I think you will enjoy someone else's blog, I will plug them as much as possible. NOT because I get paid to do it (though, wouldn't that be nice?) but because I think it's rad, and I like other people to enjoy things along with me. Cool things get much cooler when you can share them with others (unless it's a donut... for the love of God, people, don't share your donut).

I guess it's more of "simple pleasure plugging" as opposed to "shameless plugging."

I started a community for bloggers dealing with TTC, trouble TTC and Infertility. I'd like it to encompass the broadest scope possible: ttc, trouble ttc, infertility, those going through IVF, people who are dealing with multiple (or just one) miscarriage(s), etc.

If you'd like to join, please do so by clicking HERE. There is also a badge on the side of my blog underneath the About Me gadget. You can click on it and it'll take you there.

I would love for it to become a community of supportive women bloggers who, while individually dealing with their own personal battles, understand the heartache involved with the battles of others and can offer emotional strength and support.

If you are not dealing with the above mentioned issues but you know someone who is, please feel free to send them to the group. We could all use friends who understand us :).


Anonymous said...

'unless its a donut, for the love of god people don't share your donut!'
love it.

LisaDay said...

I wish you luck. We were successful with IVF and I have one precious baby who lights up our lives.

Happy SITS day.


Wendy said...

What a wonderful thing. I went through the rollar coaster ride of infertility many years ago, but when I read your posts the emotions are there like it was yesterday. I would've loved to have had this outlet and support during those days.
P.S.(I should tell you our story has a happy ending...actually 3)